Targeting mucus to
improve lung health

Targeting mucus to
improve lung health

Aer Therapeutics is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company developing a novel inhaled approach to treat lung disease with excess mucus and mucus plugs.

We are focused on treating respiratory diseases with significant unmet needs, such as COPD, cystic fibrosis and asthma.

The Problem

A subset of patients with moderate-to-severe forms of COPD and asthma have airflow obstruction because of mucus plugs that occlude their airways. No drugs to liquify mucus plugs (mucolytics) are approved to treat COPD and asthma.

The Aer Solution

Our solution to the problem of mucus plugging is a novel best-in-class inhaled mucolytic agent that clears thick mucus from the lungs, improves airflow, and restores lung health.


We are led by a globally experienced management team and scientific advisory board with an established track record in the discovery, clinical development and commercialization of respiratory therapies.

Jim Shaffer

Jim Shaffer MBA

President and CEO
Eiger Biopharma, Halozyme, InterMune, GSK

John Fahy

John Fahy MD MSc

Board Chair and Founder
UCSF — Director, Airway Clinical Research Center Director, Faculty Practice
in Severe Asthma

Irina Gitlin

Irina Gitlin PhD

VP, Clinical Development
UCSF, Arsenal Medical, Harvard

Kathleen Lopiano

Kathleen Lopiano

Advising CFO, CPA MBA
Ernst & Young, Smith and Nephew, BioVentus

Our Focus

Design and development of thiol-saccharides as safe and effective mucolytic agents with favorable properties for inhaled delivery.

Utilization of state-of-the art lung imaging and analysis approaches to identify COPD and asthma patients with clinically silent airway mucus plugs and to measure efficacy of thiol-saccharide mucolytics.

Aer Therapeutics Product Pipeline